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 Introduction - Please read our terms and conditions carefully as it governs your use of our training services and limits our liability to you. Please sign and return the course application/registration forms back to us. In the event that you omit to sign and return a copy of the form to us, you will be deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions contained within this document.

These terms and conditions set out your entitlements and obligations as a candidate/client of ELAKOSHAcademy™ USA, and constitute the terms and conditions of your enrolment and continuing study with us.

Termination by us – We reserve the right to terminate a candidate/clients learning programme for non-payment of fees or misconduct. In the event of termination by us there will be no refund of any fees paid. For details of the appeals procedure please contact our head office or email info@elakgroup.com.

Syllabus Changes
– We cannot accept responsibility for changes to the availability of the accredited courses as set by the awarding body-OSHAcademy™ USA. Should your syllabus be phased out, at any time during your study, we can only extend this to the last available date for which your course is valid. Candidates wishing to transfer to a new syllabus will incur a charge for this as deemed appropriate by us. In the event of changes to the syllabus and assessment criteria, we reserve the right to alter the content or structure of a course without prior notice being given to you.

Eligibility – If English is not your first language please ensure that your proficiency in both written and oral English is of a sufficient standard to enable you to meet the demands of both your studies and the examination. Our support staff are available to assist you in this matter. We operate an equal opportunities policy.

International Candidates (Non-Resident in Nigeria) - We welcome overseas candidates on to our programmes. In some circumstances, those funding the programme must agree, in writing, to pre-pay any expenses required outside Nigeria, including travel and accommodation at least two weeks in advance of an assessor’s departure from Nigeria.

Programme/Tuition Fees -The full fee is advice to be paid and receipt should be collected from any of our offices, on submission of the registration form and bank slip. Any company sponsoring any candidate is fully responsible for the payment of fees in all circumstances. Please note that ELAK-Multi Resources can not be held responsible for non delivery of certificates once they have been dispatched.

OSHA Examinations
– Candidates must ensure that they register for the appropriate examination centre. ELAK-OSHAcademy cannot be held responsible for none taking of the examination or late registration.

Special Examination Arrangements
In the case where we are required by you to set an examination outside our planned examination sittings, you will be liable for any costs incurred. Please discuss this with the management.

Course Materials - The materials supplied to you at the start of your programme are written to meet the requirements of the published syllabus at that time. These materials, when used in conjunction with any supplementary materials provided during your period of study and the tutorial support, provide all the information required for successful completion of your programme and the examinations.

Registration I.D Card
- Each registration is for a single user only. On registration, you will be allocated with Identity Card ("ID") for attending lectures and the examinations.

Course Fee
– The course fee quoted/stated within our brochures and or website(s) is correct at the time of publication and is subject to change at any time.

Tutorial Support - Over the period of your programme you will have access by email, the forums, letter and telephone during normal working hours from us. Always ready to assist candidates on any clarification on our programmes.

Duration of Course - The duration of any course shall not exceed the scheduled time or date stated for such a course/programme.

Web Maintenance - From time to time we are required to maintain our websites and e-Learning platforms. This will interrupt your study time, however we will keep this to a minimum.

Examination Standard - Please note that OSHAcademy- the awarding body has strict examination rules in all program/courses. Any examination below 70%, shall be repeated by the candidate, attracting examination fee of 25% for the course or programme.

OSHAcademy Membership
– The memberships which are advertised as being available upon completion of OSHAcademy programme are not guaranteed and are subject to the individual applying and being accepted by the membership body. Applying for memberships with awarding bodies may incur additional fees which are for the candidates own account, for the award of membership certificate.


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