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Pebble Hills  University maintains continuous enrollment throughout the year. Collect your registration form from ELAK office, download or register online with your payment details which covers your admission process. The Admissions Committee meets regularly to evaluate applications and registration forms. Upon a favorable evaluation, a preliminary letter of acceptance (Admission Letter) will be issued to the student. Most students will begin their programs within two weeks after receipt of their acceptance letter.

Transfer of Credit
The University may accept any course work successfully completed at the other accredited or state-approved colleges and universities, if it comparably meets Pebble Hills University course work standards and requirements.

These studies equip the students to formulate various strategies and manage their business efficiently. The studies also help the students to acquaint themselves with the latest developments emerging in business environment and also enhance the prospects of their career.

The programs are designed to improve the knowledge and competence of human resources in various aspects of life as well as to convert those who have graduated in other fields into people with the right skills and outlook needed in the dynamic and turbulent global challenging environment. Therefore, its academic and professional programs are multidisciplinary and as such, they are committed to “balanced excellence”.


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