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Our Goals

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our services and   products.
  • To provide the best customer/partnership services possible.

Professional Teams:

Our track record and technical competence is outstanding, because we have professionals from diverse fields, background, and with robust experience in all areas of our services. They are talented, skillful, well-motivated, and dedicated. We have a sound relationship with numerous original equipment manufacturers overseas. The partnership with our manufactures overseas puts us in good stead in serving our clients better, and expanding the business scope of our foreign partners in Africa region especially in Nigeria.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE):

We have realized that good health and sound safety practices as well as sound environmental performance are key factors in winning and keeping customers. This is also true in maintaining a business edge in today’s competitively sophisticated business environment.’
This becomes more meaningful, especially owing to the fact that as never before, our nation and indeed the whole world face the critical test of dealing with various health, safety and environmental problems. Thus by the day, a wide spectrum of parties, government, international bodies, local communities and customers, EXPECT organizations to keep accounting for their efforts to promote a cleaner global and local habitat.

ELAK ensure the Safety, Health and Welfare of all employees whilst at work and provide the relevant information, training and supervision that are required for this purpose. It is the duty of every employee to take care of his/her own safety at all level. The Elak Management will ensure that all employees shall be consulted on matters of Health and Safety depending on the nature of task. Employees are also required to report to their respective Project Manager, any defects in equipment or place of work or systems of work that might endanger Health and Safety or the environment.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) :
Quality Assurance

ELAK adopts a Quality Assurance Program covering the areas of work performed within the organisation.  The purpose of the program is to establish policies to facilitate implementation of the quality standards and to provide an internal means for control and review to assure that the work performed by is of the highest professional standards.

Quality Control

Responsibility for the overall direction of the quality program rests with the Quality Assurance Personnel who reports directly to the Managing Director.  Responsibility for project related quality items is shared by the Quality Assurance and Project Teams.  The Project Team will provide quality control.  It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Personnel to ensure that applicable requirements and standards are being employed, while it is the responsibility of the Project Team to see that these requirements and standards are implemented.


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