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ELAK expressed that Pebble Hills University has opened up another door for those who want to pursue or continue their career, creating another chance for success for those students in Nigeria who would be left behind by not having any university certificate, can now enroll in any of the Pebble Hills University. It is clear distance learning that has brought about affordable continuing education and provided more learning opportunities to both youngsters and working adults.

Global business is expanding, that's why you need a global institution with a radical outlook towards education. Due to an education system based on real world values, the knowledge gained can be incorporated easily & more practically in the relevant field of life.

Pebble Hills University's online program provides Working Class Adults the freedom and flexibility to complete their education and earn a degree through the use of technology and distance learning. The University provides an alternative to traditional classroom based programs and encourages students to explore their potential and continue their education. Our primary goal is to utilize distance learning teaching methods to prepare students for rewarding jobs in high-demand careers globally.

The University has achieved this objective by keeping abreast of employment demands, employer needs, teaching methods, and the use of various educational resources and industry-standard study materials.

Pebble Hills University is established with an objective to provide quality off-campus academic degree programs to a select group of highly motivated, self-disciplined, mid-career adults. The University utilizes modern technology coupled with traditional correspondence as a vehicle for providing knowledge and skills through the completion of distance learning courses. The University encourages students to explore their potential and continue their education in a society and job market in which higher education is typically synonymous with success and personal growth.

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Address: villa montfleuri, 24 montee de cimiez, nice 06000 France
Fax: 390 377 243 11 76
Email Address:  admin@pebblehills.edu

North America: +1-610-602-1879
Europe: +390-377-243-11-76
Asia and other continents: +852-301-70497

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North America: +1-516-665-6818
Europe: +64-9353-1228
Asia and other continents: +852-301-45286



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