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Benefits of ELAK Training

International Certification
Elak goes extra mile to train our candidates and clients, helping them to gain certification that recognizes their competence, with the objective of improving performance of individuals/organization in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness, also lands them in higher position than their counterparts who are not certified.

Elak creates flexible training class and one on one class with their candidates, which can be schedule at candidate’s convenience. ELAK helps to gain Certification that provides formal recognition of courses, examinations and receive certificate from the awarding body.
With Elak, You can plan for your training at your convenience even weekend days, we always have a plan to settle training demand, and accept installment payment before the arrival of the certificate.

our candidates are expose to various opportunities in various industry, our certificate provides individuals/clients with the confidence that the skills and knowledge utilized have been independently examined through processes to meet the international recognized standards.  

Job Placement
Elak recruiting department are available to help candidates & employees build a sustainable career.
Our Company specializes in recruiting employees for career positions in various industries; therefore we give priority to candidates trained by Elak Academy, to be sure of their competency and efficiency if given the opportunity.

Flexible learning

  • Flexible training options are available to meet our candidates needs
  • Comprehensive interactive course deliveries
  • Classroom and e-Learning training available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • Telephone support
  • Email Support
  • Workshops are available to support you through your eLearning qualifications
  • E-Learning offers a learning environment any time anywhere with internet access

Our tutors/Instructors

  • Fully supported studies – our tutors are experienced and highly qualified
  • One to one tutor contact
  • Regular student feedback
  • Professional status with the world’s leading professional bodies.
  • Periodic evaluations / assessments throughout your courses

Courses/Programs recognized Worldwide

  • Our Continuing Professional Development courses are designed and accredited to give you support in your career and desired job, empower you to be self employed, etc.
  • Our certifications and qualifications are recognized globally
  • Greater employment opportunities and professional career development comes your way.    
  • ELAK is also accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) USA, for the purpose of conducting international educational programs and training based on best practices and global standard.

Delivered worldwide/Nationwide centers

  • We specialize in coordinating training globally, spreading the training center nationwide.
  • Training can be delivered on a clients or individual group premises.



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