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Certificate or Diploma Program: A student must verify evidence of graduation from high school or evidence of completion of a (GED) General Education Development.

Bachelors of Science Program: A student must verify evidence of graduation from high school or evidence of completion of a (GED) General Education Development.

Master Level Programs: A student must hold a recognized Bachelor's degree or its equivalent.

Doctorate Level Programs:
A student must hold a recognized Master's degree.

Honorary Degree Level: These are applicable only to licensed or experienced professionals.


If a student has completed prior college work that is equivalent to a comparable course, it may be permissible to transfer credit hours into a degree program.

Requirements for transfer are:
• Courses transferred into the Bachelor program must have a grade of C or better.
• Courses transferred into the Masters/Doctorate level programs must have a grade of B or better.
• Courses which may be transferred must be comparable to the courses in the degree program in which you are applying.
• An Official Transcript must be sent directly to PHU for review.
• Only credits earned prior to enrollment will be considered for transfer.
• Courses being transferred must come from approved or recognized institutions.
• Each request for transfer is reviewed by an academic committee.

In some cases a student may possess life experience, but lack transferable credit hours. In such cases the academic review committee will determine the number of credits allowable based on the years of experience in such field. The academic committee may utilize a variety of assessment tools in determining if the life experiences are equivalent to the objectives of a course. Some of the assessment tools utilized may consist of: Subject Challenge Test-Outs, Professional Portfolio Review, Professional Reference Review, and other assessment tools.

In order to receive a quick evaluation of your education and life experience, simply fill out (hand-written or typed) the Application/Resume and E-mail it to us for a decision within 48 hours concerning credits awarded, costs, payment, schedule, and research to carry out if necessary.

• Career/Job-Related Activities
• Seminars/Individual Courses
• Military Service
• Occupational Training
• College Courses/Degrees
• Correspondence Courses
• Counseling/Consultation
• Radio/TV Experience
• Community Volunteer Activities
• Authoring of Book(s)/Articles

NOTE: Any such experiences/studies must be documented in writing when submitted. Providing false documentation or information is grounds for immediate dismissal.

ELAK - PHU has the right to deny admittance to any applicant based on the following:
• A history of violent and abusive behavior
• Mental Instability
• False statements on application
• Other reasons/conditions not listed in the aforementioned above.

Programs of study at PHU are designed, so courses can be completed with maximum freedom of study and flexibility. When a student enrolls in a program, course assignments are e-mailed or mailed to him/her. Students can purchase the textbooks as instructed by their instructor. Students are encouraged to contact ELAK by telephone, letter, or e-mail four weeks before the completion of each course, in other to get ready their next course materials without interruption or delay. This method helps a student to maintain his/her momentum, since he/she may be new to the distance education arena. Each course assignment has a due date. This model keeps a student on schedule.

Specialized instructor shall be assign to each student who will ALWAYS grade or assess a student's coursework. This method ensures the best education possible for a student. Moreover, Course supervisors only grade coursework in subjects they are proficient in.

Every college student is concerned about final exams because their final grade is most likely determined by the final exam. We have learned from experience that many good students actually freeze-up when they realize their final grade will be based on their score on the final exam. Therefore, PHU's final exam is never more than 3-5 essay questions by open book method and without a proctor. The final exam only constitutes 20% of your final grade. We have taken this stance because the studies at PHU are so extensive; it seems redundant to allow the final grade to weigh heavily on the results of the final exam.

Each course assignment is e-mailed to students with study packs included at no extra cost except printed copies as may be requested by the students.  All textbooks used in our programs are written by the most competent authors who are experts in their field internationally or locally. ELAK –PHU uses innovative concepts, its leaders have developed over many years of experience in the field of distance/non-traditional education. These methods have proven time and again to be of benefit to students according to their own testimonies. Some colleges that specialize in Distance Learning Education seldom mention what a student should do when they have a question and need to talk with a professor. Not only do we allow students to call us at any time on our hotline to speak with their course instructors or Supervisor, but we encourage this. Few colleges make such a statement since they prefer not to be bothered with telephone calls or emails once a student enrolls. Imagine how wonderful this service is for a student who is struggling with a certain subject.

Tuition is as indicated on PHU Tuition Fees 

PAYMENT: All payments are made to ELAK (PHU e-campus Center Nigeria) for all students within the region.

When a student withdraws from a degree program within 30 days from the date of enrollment, the full tuition will be refunded. Any materials or textbooks provided by PHU must be returned before a refund will be given. 50% of the tuition will be returned to a student when he/she withdraws between 30-60 days of acceptance. No refund will be given after 60 days of acceptance.

Students electing to pay for their program on a monthly basis will be charged a late fee if the tuition payment is not received by ELAK by end of the month.

NOTE: Repeated late payments and/or failure by a student to pay a contract as agreed, may adversely affect a person's credit rating. If a student becomes 60 days past due on payments, grades, and courses will not be sent until the student's account becomes current.

A student is sent only one course at a time. In most instances a student is allowed eight to ten weeks to complete each course. This is important, inasmuch as when a "Turn-In" date is not given to a student, they tend to lag behind and get discouraged.
NOTE: Extensions are allowable in some cases when approved by ELAK academic director.


Students who have difficulty with spelling, reading, writing, or comprehension may be required to take one or all of the following courses. There is no charge for these studies and no credit is awarded.

• Correct English
• Comprehensive English
• Spelling
• Better Writing Skills


All coursework submitted for degree studies become the property of ELAK - PHU. Coursework will not be returned, so you must make a photocopy for your own records.

ELAK – PHU reserves the right to substitute any course at any time for any reason. The likelihood of ELAK – PHU   substituting a course is rare; however, occasionally a book goes out of print and forces ELAK –PHU   to substitute.

It is the student's responsibility to notify ELAK –PHU   when additional time is needed to complete a course or his or her programme.

Student agrees and understands that all coursework is given by correspondence.  ELAK –PHU does not guarantee a graduate the right to practice in the field that involves practical or technical exercise.
ELAK –PHU expressly reserves the right to change without notice all information contained herein; including, but not limited to, the following: fees and tuition, policy and procedures, degrees offered, required coursework and course offerings, and/or degree/academic requirements.


 ELAK –PHU   has the right to expel any student for the following reasons:
• Violent & abusive conduct directed toward  ELAK –PHU   
• Repeatedly displaying an obstinate (i.e., not able to be taught) attitude
• Mental Instability
• Any other reasons/conditions not listed above.

 ELAK –PHU does not offer a job placement service. It does, however, make available to students referral requests that may come in from various companies seeking qualified individuals. A database of students is maintained so this information can be provided to parties requesting information. Students should periodically update information to the database by meeting ELAK administrative office.


Students will have many reasons to enroll in any programme of their choice. Some may enroll simply to increase personal knowledge, while others may enroll to gain knowledge that will provide them with the necessary knowledge of their dream job. Some career opportunities that may be possible include: intellectual opportunities to have the ability to render services to industry of your choice.

ELAK –PHU Non-Discrimination Policy does not permit discrimination of the basis of gender, race, creed, national origin, familial status, disability, or religion.




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